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Here we accommodate 30 children, age between birth to 7 years. We are a registered 'Childrens home'. These children are places with us on a court order by the Department of Registration. We have enthusiastic volunteers who come on a regular basis to give our children the one-to-one love and attention that helps their growth and development. With the introduction of ARV's we have every hope that most of our children will grow up to lead happy and constructive lives and contribute to society.

Wherever possible we seek suitable host or foster parents to give the child individual attention and a more satisfactory family life.

Programme Two: The Rainbow Cottage

HTC Mobilisation program offers the following services:

Programme Four: HTC Mobilisation project

Programme One: The Hospice

Here we offer palliative care. Main House offers 28 beds and New Wing a further 10, two bedded wards for the intensive nursing stage. However those who did come too late for treatment to be effective received palliative care and died surrounded with loving care and with simple human dignity. With financial assistance many more can be helped.

A medical doctor, professional nurses and a social worker attend to the physical, emotional and spiritual care of each patient. Inside the hospice 24-hour nursing care is provided. Counselling for patients and their families as well as support groups are provided by a full time Social Worker. Loving care and compassion ensures that they may die in peace and with simple human dignity.

An Adult Residential Medical Facility

Our Programmes


The St Francis Care Centre has expanded significantly since 1992 and presently offers four programmes. Each is focused on a particular area of need within the local community.

The training is carried out either at the Centre or in the volunteer's local community. We run workshops on HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention, Counselling, Coping with Bereavement etc. The members of each team living in the community serve and work under the guidance of a team administrator.

Through this programme we strive to make contact with any families with sick or dying family members, identify child-headed households and to render them all possible assistance.

Programme Three: Home Based Care

Conditions in informal settlements/poverty

Where a patient of ours lives and where most of our beneficiaries come from.

Health Education

Condom Demonstration and Distribution

HIV Counseling and testing

STI’s and TB Screenings

MMC (Medical Male Circumcision) Screening and


Referrals to Health Facilities

Many of the people that are in the most desperate need of our help live in informal settlements and squatter camps. To reach them we have a programme based upon home based care, with an office on site for admin.

We provide simple home nursing and counselling skills to carefully selected groups of compassionate people who work on a volunteer basis.