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Archive - Past Events

11 February 2009: The World Day of the Sick

On this day prayers are offered all over the world for renewed health and strength for the sick or dying, and to ask God's blessings upon them all.

At St Francis the day began with Mass in the Atrium for everyone who could make their way there. There they joined in prayer for all those suffering and sick everywhere.

Fr. Stan blessed and anointed the patients and the children, bringing a message of peace and encouragement to them all. Following this Fr. Stan made his way around the wards, blessing and anointing those too sick to attend the Mass.

Many patients found great comfort from the prayers and asked Fr. Stan to celebrate the Anointing of the Sick with them again soon.

Afterwards everyone enjoyed a get-together and tea party in the Dining Room, very kindly sponsored by Spar.

12 March 2009: Mrs. Sono and a Delegation from Japan.

Mrs. Sono is a great friend and supporter of our Centre and was able to bring along a party consisting of approximately 20 people, several of whom were medical doctors specializing in the field of TB who had previously worked in other parts of Africa. They were very impressed with the work being done here which is very gratifying.

After tea in the Board Room, Tilly Brouwer, our Centre Manager, ably assisted by an interpreter, gave a talk about the Centre and the cultural problems surrounding the acknowledgement of HIV/AIDS amongst the local population.

The group very kindly gave St Francis a donation of $1000.

1 December 2011: World Aids day.

St Benedicts visiting the children

8 October 2009: St. Francis Day.

The Coca-Cola was sponsored by SAB/ABI

July 2009: Mandela Day.

The 67 min's of giving back to the community by corporate companies.

13 - 14 June 2009: Visitors from Abroad

We hosted a group from Nippon TV, a Japanese television company. They came to make a short film about us for broadcast in Japan later this year. We have a strong link with the people of Japan who have been most supportive over the years.

5 February 2009: The Golf Day.

The Golf Day took place on a Wednesday, at the E.R.PM. Golf Club. The day proved to be most successful with 108 golfers teeing off at 7 minute intervals from 11h00. All but one of the 18 holes on the course were sponsored. Two Waterholes were manned: one by Promassidor, the suppliers of Amila Juice; and the other being ABI ­ S.A Miller, suppliers of Coco­Cola.

There were four ¨Short Hole¨ competitions and one ¨Longest Drive¨, which we must mention was won by a Lady Golfer ­ Lezette Vermaak.

Prize Giving commenced at 18h00 hrs. Thanks to the support of our sponsors, 20 BetterBall prizes were presented. 1st Prize was won by Gordon Crage and Greg Blair of the Elcon Team.

At Registration, raffle tickets had been sold for a Wheelbarrow containing a selection of Liquor. This Hamper was kindly sponsored by Jacks Paints, Sunward Park, together with Mr. Atagia of The Liquor Boys.

The draw took place during dinner and was won by a Mr. Brian Phillips from the Bella Gardens team.

We would like to express our very grateful thanks to all our Sponsors and everyone who participated on the day, we really appreciate your support.